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In the event of an accident, demand Honda.
If you have a car accident, insist to your insurer that only genuine Honda parts be used. Why? Because genuine Honda parts are the only ones we can guarantee are manufactured to Honda's rigorous standards for fit, finish, and anti-corrosion protection. They are also the only parts covered by our warranty. And we cannot guarantee that other parts will perform up to Honda standards.

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The facts about your insurance
You are not legally obligated to have your vehicle repaired at the repair shop suggested by your insurance company. As the owner of the vehicle, you have the right to choose the body shop you prefer to perform repairs on your Honda. Many Honda dealerships have their own body shop and can assist you throughout the repair process.

Insist on getting genuine Honda parts
In the event that you have a collision with your vehicle, insist that your insurance company only authorizes the use of genuine Honda body parts. Genuine Honda body parts are the only parts that are manufactured to Honda's rigorous standards for compatibility, finish, and corrosion protection. They are the only parts that are covered by our warranty.

Use of genuine Honda parts versus imitations
It is important to understand that imitation parts may be produced by third-party manufacturers and may not be designed to meet the same quality standards as the original Honda manufacturer parts. As a result, it is possible that these parts may not fit perfectly with the other parts of the vehicle, which could affect the safety and structural integrity of your car.

Is the quality of imitation parts equal to Honda?
No. Imitation parts may have a shorter lifespan than original parts, which could result in long-term additional costs for repairs and replacements. The use of imitation parts may also affect the warranty of your Honda vehicle, as insurance companies may not recognize repairs made with lower-quality parts.

Are genuine Honda parts guaranteed?
Yes. Genuine Honda body parts used during a collision repair are covered by your vehicle's Genuine Honda Replacement Parts Warranty. It is recommended to consult your Honda vehicle's warranty manual for more detailed information about the Genuine Honda Replacement Parts Warranty. By using genuine Honda body parts, you can be assured that your vehicle is being repaired with high-quality parts that have been specifically designed for your Honda vehicle model.

Do I have the right to be informed about the parts used?
Yes. You have the right to know which replacement parts are being used. Ask for proof that these 'similar or comparable quality' parts are truly of the same quality as the original Honda body parts for this collision repair. It is likely that they are not. Genuine Honda body parts are specifically designed to fit perfectly with your Honda vehicle model, ensuring the safety, performance, and appearance of your car.

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